Cuffing Season is Upon Us …

September 28th, 2022 by

Hey, Miss! I got engaged exactly one year ago this week! Picking out rings, we had so many questions. So, heading into cuffing season, let’s talk to the experts at Champaign Jewelers about all things engagement season:

As we prep for engagement season- what engagement ring trends are you seeing emerge?
Engagement season is all year round! Engagement rings are trending toward more simple
designs, classic solitaires, or a single row of diamonds in the ring. Round, Oval, and Rectangular Shape
diamonds are still the most popular, but we are seeing some demand again for Princess Cuts!

What are some tried and true styles that will always be classic?
A classic solitaire with a single gorgeous, sparkling diamond will always be in style!

What, if anything, should people discuss about jewelry before a proposal?
Big things to think about: What color metal, shape center stone and budget range. We have a
lot of options to try on at Champaign Jewelers and I think that is the best way to get an idea of what
looks and feels best on your hand. Most couples come in a shop together for the first visit so that the
proposer gets an idea of what they should be looking for! A budget range is a great thing to discuss as

Where are the areas to spend extra money on engagement jewelry, and where, if
anywhere- can we save a little?

Your engagement ring and wedding rings are the jewelry items that are everyday jewelry. They
should be the place that you splurge the most! Weddings have become one of the most expensive
purchases of people’s lives, but they are only really one day. Your rings are worn almost every day! If
you are looking to save a little on engagement jewelry, look at lab grown diamonds (still a diamond, still
sparkles), or look at 10k gold options for a plain wedding ring. This is a way to save some money and still
get the look and durability for your rings.

How can I find out what jewelry might fit my partner?
To fit their style, pay attention to what they’ve selected for themselves. If most of their jewelry
is dainty and delicate, they probably would not be comfortable with a wide, chunky ring. To fit their
size, don’t worry too much about that. Most jewelry can be adjusted or made to fit any size.

Are lab grown diamond rings becoming more popular for engagement rings?
Absolutely! The cost difference between lab grown and mined diamonds is growing every day.
A 1 carat diamond that is $8,000 for a mined diamond may only be $2,500 for a lab grown diamond of
the same quality. That is a huge difference! Keep in mind that lab grown diamonds are a technology
and they are decreasing in price (that same lab grown was probably $3,500 a year ago). Lab grown
diamonds are still a diamond and they have all the sparkle of a mined diamond but are a fraction of the

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