How a mom’s determination built a business.

July 20th, 2022 by

Rule #1- Never underestimate the determination of a mom trying to get her kids to sleep.

That determination drove Air Cot founder, Stephanie Edwards to bring her product to life. After struggling through overseas flights with young kids, Steph knew there had to be a better way for her family to travel.

Air Cot is a seat extender that kids can use on a flight to make long or short trips more comfortable. It holds their little legs and gives them room to sleep, or play without dropping EVERYTHING on the ground.

We sat down with Steph to talk about the early days of Air Cot and how she went from a single idea and struggle to creating a product that’s helping traveling families (mine included)!

Miss Market- What inspired you to start Air Cot?

Steph- “My children were 3yr and 18mo at the time and we were prepping for our annual overnight flight overseas. I was wracking my brain thinking of a way to help them sleep on this flight. I pictured what I thought could work, sketched it out, and built a few prototypes. They worked so well for our flight that I thought other parents and kiddos might benefit from them too. Air Cot was born!”

Miss Market- What has been the best part of this journey?

Steph“The absolute best part of this journey is hearing from a parent about how their little one slept, or played, or just loved their Air Cot. I know how challenging traveling with children can be and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of making those travel days a success.”

Miss Market- Biggest struggle?

Steph“The hardest part of owning a business has been the back-end, business part. By nature I’m a creative person and love working with my hands, making each and every Air Cot. The logistical side does not come second nature to me. There has been a ton of teaching myself the ins and outs of business ownership.”

Miss Market- How do you think women can be part of uplifting one another in business?

Steph“I think it’s hugely important that women support women in their business endeavors. We have so much purchasing power, more than I think we realize. If we are intentional about seeking out other female owned businesses, I think we can really make a difference and help these businesses flourish.”

Miss Market- Favorite part about owning your own business?

Steph “I love the freedom that comes with owning a small business. As I travel around the world, I can continue to contribute financially to my family. On that note, I think it’s so important to teach my children about a strong work ethic, and they see that first hand in Air Cot. I also love being able to connect with my customers on such a personal level. I hear their success stories and get to see pictures of their little ones using their Air Cots. There’s no greater feeling than one of those messages coming across my inbox.”

Steph producing Air Cots.

Get your Air Cot today for low stress travel! (PS, these make perfect gifts for a baby shower, holiday, etc…)