How to Buy Jewelry as a Gift

June 4th, 2022 by

Gifting Jewelry? Check Out These Tips

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Summer is the season of gifting. Sure, the splashy holidays may come later in the year, but if your summer is anything like ours…Miss, we got you. Between wedding ceremonies, baby and wedding showers, graduations, and celebrating promotions for ourselves and loved ones …our summer calendar is PACKED with parties. 

Look, there’s nothing we love more than a big celebration. Those ‘events’ mentioned above may be a party here or there for us, but for the people we’re celebrating, they’re life milestones. They deserve to be celebrated and remembered.

What better way to mark an occasion (for others, or ourselves!) than with jewelry? Pieces that whenever they’re worn, will stir up a great memory. But picking out a piece of jewelry for someone else can be….gulp…intimidating. We want to make sure it’s something our loved one would LOVE. 

Well, our friends at Champaign Jewelers gave us some advice when it comes to choosing jewelry as a gift. 

  1. Spy on their Style
    Check out the lucky recipient’s jewelry style. Do they tend to wear dainty pieces and understated classics or do they go for bold and big statement pieces? Do they wear a lot of colored jewelry? Is there a color or style they wear often? What colors do they like to wear and what colors do they look good in? Once you have the intel, present your evidence to a local jeweler, they’ll be able to help you pick the perfect piece. Feel free to bring photos too- show the experts (like the Sparkle Squad at Champaign Jewelers) the pics and you’ll be good to go. And listen, if you can find out the childhood dog’s name of your elementary school best friend’s current boyfriend….we know you can sleuth up some style pics of your friend or loved one.

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  1. Go for the Tears
    When you’re gifting jewelry, this is the perfect time to get sappy and sentimental. Think back on the memories you have with this person or adventures, trips, or places that remind you of them. That can be the perfect inspiration for a memorable piece. You’re also not going to go wrong with their birthstone. And guess what, some months have many official birthstones, so again….consult your friendly neighborhood jewelers and ask about your options, they can help you totally nail it.  (We love this 14k gold diamond and sapphire ring and this gorgeous emerald halo cut amethyst and diamond ring
  1. Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving
    Miss, you can take the guesswork out of the equation and all but guarantee your person will get what they love by gifting a Brilliant Box (and Code MISS MARKET gets you $$ of your order!). If you haven’t heard of this yet….brace yourself, because when we heard about it we couldn’t wait to share it with you. The Brilliant Box from Champaign Jewelers can be shipped anywhere to anyone. It’s a jewelry subscription box that goes to your loved one. You could gift one box or sign them up for a year’s worth of boxes- you choose! Here’s how it works- the person you’re gifting it to will take a jewelry style quiz, you choose the price point of the box from 4 different levels, and then your lucky lucky person will get a Brilliant Box in the mail curated just for their personal style. It literally does not get any better. Prices range from $250 to $2,000 per box.

We hope this post gets you excited for a summer full of gift-giving. No moment is too small to celebrate and nothing screams “we’re making memories over here!” like the gift of sparkle. 

A few final things:

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  • If you have something coming up and you’d like us to drop a hint to a certain someone else, reply back to this email and tell us what you’re celebrating and who needs to know you’d like some sparkle … along with a good email for them. We’ll send them a little note of encouragement from Miss Market nudging them towards Champaign Jewelers. 

Happy Celebrating, Miss!

-Cynthia and Kelly