How to Start Your Fine Jewelry Collection

August 24th, 2022 by

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Listen, having a brand deal with a fine jewelry store is a perk. The best thing is getting to work with a kick-butt all woman team! We also get to wear really fun fine jewelry and let all of you know about some incredible women-owned businesses.

But, the occupational hazard is going into Champaign Jewelers to shoot content. Because EVERY TIME I do, something sparkly catches my eye. Now, I have a growing list of jewels I’m lusting after but a budget that does not support all that lust. So, we asked Kari Smith, owner of Champaign Jewelers, how to start building a fine jewelry collection.  

Miss Market- What’s the first product you would start with?

Kari Smith- “My advice is to start with a pair of quality diamond stud earrings.  These are going to be the ‘little black dress’ of your jewelry wardrobe. They are timeless and many jewelers have an upgrade program associated with them. This means that a pair of diamond studs can start off small and grow along with you. Celebrate promotions, weddings, babies, Tuesdays (insert winky face here) by upgrading them!”

Miss Market- How do you know what to invest in first?

Kari Smith- “Invest in what you think you will wear most often!  So if you love to layer and want to have one classic necklace that you wear every day, that would be the first item to go for!”

Miss Market- How do you make sure that as you build your collection, you are choosing pieces that coordinate with one another?

Kari Smith- “That’s the best thing, there are no rules!  Also, keep in mind what pieces you’ll wear in different seasons.  I wear different jewelry in the summer than I do in the winter!”

Miss Market- Do you need to wait for special occasions to wear/use/purchase fine jewelry?

Kari Smith- “You can wear fine jewelry any time!  Going back to those diamond studs, they are a classy look that can be worn when out running errands, at brunch with your besties or to a black tie event!  I love when jewelry is purchased “just because,” it doesn’t have to be for anniversaries or big holidays!  My favorite item is one that I got to celebrate finishing my Graduate Gemology degree. And you’re allowed to buy beautiful jewelry for yourself as well!!”

Miss Market- Any tips for people who are making the move to fine jewelry? (Like, do you actually have to clean it, etc?)

Kari Smith- “Take care of your jewelry like you would your favorite pair of shoes or purse!  Keep it clean (Champaign Jewelers provides cleaning and inspection for all jewelry for FREE).  If you’re doing something that could damage your jewelry i.e. gardening, lifting weights etc. don’t wear it.  Store your jewelry in a safe place when you’re not wearing it.  There are a lot of jewelry box designs that you can hang necklaces from so they won’t get tangled. And make sure to follow Champaign Jewelers on social media for other tips on how to safely store your jewelry when you are traveling.”

So, basically what I heard is that it’s time to start buying diamonds. 

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Sparkle on, Miss!