Let’s #GetSparkd!

July 20th, 2022 by

In partnership with Champaign Jewelers, this is a sponsored blog answering all your questions about permanent jewelry! Don’t forget to mention code MISSMARKET when you go in to #getsparkd!

How does permanent jewelry work?
These dainty little beauties are an everyday customized bracelet that is micro welded to your wrist. It is a speedy and fun process that ends with a special bracelet/anklet without a clasp. This means you can customize a unique and personal look that can be worn permanently.

Does it hurt to get put on? and why is it called a “zapping” party?
Nope! This is a completely painless event that involves one quick little spark to the bracelet itself, not your skin. It is sometimes called a “zapping” party, but since that makes it sound a little frightening, we’ve deemed it a “sparking” party instead! Not only is the SparkleSquad doing it, but a spark it is a little more accurate to what happens with the jewelry.

Who is permanent jewelry good for? Who should avoid it?
Permanent bracelets & anklets are safe for most everyone. Because permanent jewelry is delicate and made from high quality metals, you don’t run the risk of injury if you snag it on anything.
That being said, this type of jewelry will need to be removed before an MRI. So if you are someone who is scheduled to have that type of scan, it’d be best to put off getting one until your scan(s) is complete.

What is the price point?
Chains begin at: $75
Charms begin at: $23
Sparking & Jump Ring is a flat $25 fee

Can you add anything to your chain? Or is it a chain only situation?
Absolutely you can! And can we just say how gorgeous these charms are?!
There are charm options that dangle and options that can sit flush within the bracelet. You may even decide you want a combination of both (and we’re always up for MORE jewelry)!
We also think it is important to note that you can have more than one bracelet/anklet at a time! After all, we love to layer the rest of our jewelry, why should our permanent jewelry be any different!?

How do you clean/care for the jewelry?
Oh my gosh… cleaning is SO important. Since you’ll be wearing these all the time, it is important to do it regularly. Champaign Jewelers offers a jewelry cleaning foam that is safe for all your baubles! You can use the foam directly on your skin, brush out the debris (we’re talking makeup, perfume, playdoh from your kiddo, etc…), then you rinse it off with water!

Will you beep at the airport?
No, there isn’t a frisking risk at the airport. Quality metal (14k gold & sterling silver) is considered non-ferromagnetic and will not set off the large walk-through scanners at airports.

How can people sign up to get zapped?
It’s easy! You can stop into OR call/ text the store (217-693-7655) to set up an appointment.

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