Top 3 Tips for Traveling with Children

August 18th, 2022 by

*Sponsored by Air Cot

We are BIG believers in travel at Miss Market. But one constant thing I heard when I started having kids was that I better be ready to give that up. 


We’ve tried to make travel a big priority as we’ve grown our family. Of course, it hasn’t always been easy, but as we’ve navigated long road trips, layovers, delayed planes, and long haul flights we’ve come to learn some important travel lessons:

  1. Practice: The more you travel with your kids the easier it will get- for them and you. Think of things you can do around town and even at home to mimic a travel experience. Go out to eat with them, expose them to new foods at home, help them learn how to pack their own bags. All of these things are skills for children to learn. For example- the more exposure you can give them to new foods- the easier it is to go to a restaurant in a foreign country. Give your 6 year old a basic packing list (3 shirts, 5 pairs of socks, etc….) and watch them take ownership of packing their bag. And don’t be afraid to explain to them what you are doing. “Where we’re going, they serve a lot of fish, so we’re going to try that tonight at home and practice before the trip!” 
  2. Expect the Unexpected: No matter how much you practice, something will go wrong. Your flight will be delayed, you’ll forget to pack snacks, your kids won’t nap, etc….The best thing you can do for yourself and your kids is to remain flexible- sometimes you just have to call an audible. Grab a snack even though you’re going to eat dinner in 10 mins, put a movie on to change up their environment if they’re melting down (if that works for your kid), take a walk to a different area of the attraction so they can show you something. Give yourself a much looser and more flexible schedule, and everyone will benefit. Remember, that how you react to things going wrong is also a lesson for your kids- if you get worked up about it, they will too. (Please note, I know from experience this is sometimes way easier said than done.)
  3. Get the right gear: There are things out there that make your life easier when you travel, investing in them will help this process so much. Some must-haves on my list for my kids?
    •  The Boba Air Carrier. This carrier is hands down the best for travel. It folds up so small and is very light. My youngest is nearly 3, and I still sometimes bring this on vacations in lieu of a stroller now “just in case.” (See tip #2 about being flexible). FYI- Boba was co-founded by a woman!
    • Zip-up sweatshirts they can easily get on and off by themselves while on the plane. I love these from Primary, a woman-founded company. Note- having clothes kids can manipulate themselves is even more important when you’re traveling with multiples! (Also, you can get 20% off your first order with Primary!)
    • Air Cot– a seat extender for babies and toddlers that acts as a little hammock on an airplane. This makes it so much more comfortable for them, gives them a space to fall asleep, and bonus- keeps every snack and book and toy from falling on the ground. If you have littles, get this. If your friend has littles, get this for them. Going to a baby shower? Get this. (You get the picture- and here’s a picture of us using it on a family trip to Colorado!)

Cheers to happy (or happier) travels, Miss!