Wear your heart on your sleeve

March 31st, 2022 by

Sometimes you just gotta put it out there.

Your message, your story, and how you’re coming at the world. 

And let me tell you- here at Miss Market, we’re not going to let anyone guess what we’re all about.

Sometimes, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Here are our top five picks for giving the gift of feminism- to yourself or someone else- this holiday season.

Let women’s rights be the talk of the holiday party in this Sleigh the Patriarchy Christmas sweater. This holiday themed sweatshirt is the perfect way for you to strut your values this year. Here’s wishing you good cocktails and good conversations with this dope sweatshirt.

With a new year just around the corner, the future is on everyone’s mind. Tell your crew what’s up with this high-quality crew neck sweatshirt. ‘Tis the season for inspiration!

We love the bold fuchsia fist of this sweatshirt. A bold message and a bold color. 

Don’t forget a closet staple- the graphic tee. This one has an extra dose of meaning and empowerment. Encourage someone in your life to stay phenomenally themselves in this wear-with-everything-in-every-season tee.

We love the simplicity of this sweatshirt. Clean, classic, and straightforward message. *Adds to cart*

Let’s not forget- men can and should be feminists too. Get this t-shirt for the equality-loving dad in your life.

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