Where to Save vs. Splurge

September 20th, 2022 by

This blog post is sponsored by Champaign Jewelers

If we could buy allllll the things from Champaign Jewelers, we would. But, your Misses over here are still in “plan for big purchases” mode. Luckily, our friends at Champaign Jewelers (who are sponsoring this post, by the way) are giving us the industry insights into where we should splurge, and where we should save on our jewelry purchases. And because we also want you to be financially flexible, we’re sharing the inside info.

“Jewelry is the same as a lot of items we shop for,” said Champaign Jewelers owner and Master Gemologist, Kari Smith. “Splurge on the things you know you’ll get the most use from. I’m more likely to splurge on a pair of boots I know I’m going to wear many times and for many seasons and maybe look for a less expensive pair of flip flops as I won’t be wearing those as often or for as long,” she said. 

So, we asked her what she’s splurged on when it comes to jewelry. “Personally, I rotate my jewelry often (perks of the job!), but I splurged on big, beautiful diamond studs because I wear them every day and they’re never going out of style,” she said. “Everyone’s interpretation of a splurge is different!” she also cautioned. “Looking for the best quality for your budget is always a good idea,” she added. 

We love this twist on a classic diamond stud earring! (If you want to customize your diamond stud earrings, you can text the experts at Champaign Jewelers via the website!)

That’s because spending more doesn’t always ensure you’ll get better quality. As she explained, sometimes you’re just paying for a brand name and not the actual quality of the item. “Look for quality items that are more solid instead of hollow and that are not plated. Or if they are gold plated, that it is a heavier micron, or vermeil that will hold up longer. All plating wears off eventually and there’s not a way to re-gold plate a piece of jewelry,” she explained. 

Then we started talking about jewelry durability. I have to admit, this is not something I’ve considered before- which just goes to show it’s good to involve a jewelry expert when you’re considering a big purchase.  “Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are metals that can be soldered on and can be repaired if they do break. Hollow pieces cannot be repaired, and costume jewelry is often made with alloys that are too soft to be repaired,” Kari said. 

Here are a few gold items I love! Check out these tapered huggies, and this gorgeous 18K Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline Necklace.

Finally, I wanted to know how we can save on our jewelry in a smart way, while still knowing you’re getting a quality piece.  “We have a great “Fun Corner” in the store that features the jewelry in the “save” route. These items are sterling silver, sometimes gold plated (and several lines are designed by cool ladies). They are more trending styles and even though they are made with less expensive materials, they are still well made. Gold plating is always going to wear off eventually so if you are looking at a design you will wear often, sterling silver may be a better option,” she said. 

A few Fun Corner favorites include this gorgeous necklace that can be worn long or clasped at several lengths, these blue charm cluster earrings, and this rose quartz wrap bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace! 

So, Miss- start building that list! As we head into fall, look at your wardrobe and see where some new sparkles might fit in! And remember, a great way to save a little bit is by using code MISSMARKET in store or online at Champaign Jewelers.