Why Parents Should Invest in Therapy

June 29th, 2022 by

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In 2019, my friends and I got together to make vision boards for 2020. Mine had about 7,981 goals on it. Most of them were rendered unachievable because of the pandemic (except I did say I would work from home more, and I totally nailed that one). One of the other goals I made was to start running faster. So, I hired a running coach. 

I felt like that was such a splurge, but then I started thinking about it and really, people have coaches for all sorts of reasons- mentors at work, coaches who help with public speaking, personal trainers, etc…why should hiring someone to help us with our goals feel like a splurge?

So when I started talking to the expert parenting therapists at The Village, I couldn’t stop asking this question: Why don’t parents hire parenting coaches? 

Becoming a parent has been the single most transformative event in my life. But, how are we supposed to just immediately be good at something we have no experience doing, no practice, no guidance, you just get handed your baby and you’re expected to do it well. And the stakes are high. Like, really high. If you don’t do it well, your kids pay the price, and your grandkids might too. 

Becca Richards owns The Village and is a therapist there too. She said that one reason parents are hesitant to seek expert and individualized therapy focused on parenting is because of the stigma that still (although less so now) surrounds therapy. “When it comes to parenting, people think they need to have a child that’s a delinquent runaway or has suffered a traumatic event to justify seeking therapy for their parenting journey,” she said. But she explained that it’s so so much more than that. “There’s real beauty in having a routine of taking 60 minutes and setting that aside to talk about parenting and spend time with experts who are a wealth of knowledge and have done the research that you don’t have time to do,” she explained. 

She also explained that going to therapy while you’re in the parenthood journey is a perfect time, because parenting makes us reflective of our own childhoods and can resurface our own past issues that need healing. “They hand you a mini-me and all your childhood stuff is handed back to you. So much gets stirred up when you have your little one- what it felt like to you to be a child- but now you’re the mother or father.” 

Is that hitting home for you, Miss? Because it sure is for me. 

Seeing how my kids look and act is sometimes like holding up a mirror. And there’s beauty in that. But there’s also fear. I want to do right by them- make the right decisions, set the right boundaries, use the right tone, the list goes on. 

And don’t’ get me wrong, this is NOT a post about how to be a perfect parent, or even striving for perfection. But it is a post about how we can utilize tools like therapy to help us understand we are not alone in our parenting struggles and to lean on experts to help us get better at this very important job. 


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