Why you should wear woman-owned jewelry

August 17th, 2022 by

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Ripping off your earrings  at the end of an event is the fancy equivalent of ditching your bra at the end of the work day. You know what I’m talking about, right? The earrings that are super cute, but heavy and uncomfortable? Or what about the necklace that keeps getting caught in your hair? Or the ring that’s so thick you can’t write with your pen?

As beautiful as jewelry is, it can be a pain when it’s not designed properly for the people wearing it. But, this is where women save the day. Champaign Jewelers is woman-owned and run and in their time in the jewelry biz, they’ve noticed something really special about woman-owned vendors and jewelry makers. Here are the top three reasons they love working with other women business owners:

  1. Design with YOU and THEM in mind!- Women-owned vendors/jewelry makers are WEARING the jewelry they are trying to sell. They pay attention to how the jewelry feels when they put it on and make adjustments to make it as comfortable as possible. Now, what about those heavy earrings that I mentioned? Well, they know how to make tweaks to make the jewelry comfortable. For example, statement earrings are gorgeous, but often quite heavy. If the designer is a woman, she’s more likely to have worn and styled them with a heavier earring back as a compensating counterbalance. 
  2. On top of the trends- Women jewelry vendors/makers are making items for the styles they themselves are accessorizing. They are consistently coming up with new, fashion-forward designs. Take this necklace that I wore to Kelly’s wedding. You can hook it on any loop and wear it as a longer single strand, or styled like I have here, as a choker in the front with beautiful detail accentuating the low back dress. Women know how helpful it is if one piece can fit different occasions, necklines, and styles.
  1. Details, Details, Details-  Women jewelry makers/vendors pay meticulous attention to detail. This is especially important with custom design work. When you’re designing a piece of your own, you want to make sure someone works closely with you through the entire process and really listens to your wants and needs for the piece before bringing it to life. The wonderful women at Champaign Jewelers have made custom designs a cornerstone of their business. Look at the transformation below for one of their clients who wanted to infuse her personal style into an heirloom piece! Click here to get started on your own custom piece!

Remember that if you’re shopping with Champaign Jewelers online or in store, use code MISSMARKET! That way their wonderful women know that Miss Market sent you, and it gives us an opportunity to continue highlighting woman-owned businesses!

Cheers (with some extra sparkle!),