Cynthia Bruno

Cynthia Bruno is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Miss Market. Cynthia focuses on growth strategy, marketing, financial strategy and operations for the company.

Cynthia is also the Co-Founder and President of Girls Go For It, which she started in 2015 with Kelly O’Neill.

Cynthia is a proud Wisconsin native and Syracuse University alum. She has lived in Champaign,IL since 2011. She joined the community as a reporter and then anchor for the local CBS station. After nearly a decade in news, she transitioned her skills to marketing strategy and worked as the Chief Strategy Officer for a tech start-up in Champaign. After leading that company’s charge in both American and Global strategy and creating the pitch to secure the company’s Series B venture capital round, Cynthia moved on to become the Director of Operations for Busey Wealth Management. In addition to Miss Market and Girls Go For It, she now also runs her own strategic growth and communications consulting business.